Nia Lee | Homepolish
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Homepolish is a platform that allows anyone to purchase interior design by the hour. We have two user groups – clients and interior designers. Homepolish provides products to help clients manage their design projects and products to help designers manage their business.

Client Side Problems


1. No view into a client’s “Hours Balance”.


2. When a designer logged hours there was no way to view what those hours went towards.


3. All client and designer collaboration happened outside the app.

Designer Side Problems


1. No way to distinguish active clients from past clients.


2. Client Offers were five clicks away from the homepage.


3. Designers found the navigation to be very confusing.


4. There was no way manage multiple clients quickly.

The Approach

While our engineer partners worked on updating our tech stack I collaborated with the product team to study the competitive landscape, redesign the app’s architechture, conduct user interviews, wireframe screen designs, map users flows, and create prototypes to validate our assumptions about the interior design process.

Respond to offers quickly: New client offers are now right on the homepage.

Stay informed of project tasks: Users can now have insight into what tasks need to be done.

New App Navigation: The most commonly performed actions are now at your fingertips. We removed the marketing links to give users the feeling of being in their project portal.