Nia Lee | Uber
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Uber Driver App Redesign


While in college I drove part-time for Uber. While driving for Uber I noticed a few issues with its driver app. I decided to interview a few fellow drivers and find out what their issues were with the app. After collecting their responses I decided to design an ideal Uber app.

1. The app’s homepage contains unnecessary information. 

Many Uber drivers only have one car, so it is unnecessary to have the switch vehicle button on the app’s homepage. This would be better suited for the settings panel.

2. There is no way for drivers to check where surge areas are without going online. 

Many of the drivers that I interviewed said that they’d like to be able to see surge areas without having to go online. This is problem that I know all too well. My ride acceptance rate takes a plunge every time I log on to check what areas are surging.

3. There is no way to check total earnings in the app

Drivers using the Uber driver app are able to check their earnings for the day by logging on to a computer and visiting Uber’s partner website (which is not optimized for mobile). Drivers also are able to calculate their daily earning by using a pen and paper to tally up each trip. Uber’s partner app needs a way for drivers to view their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings on the go. In addition to viewing earnings many drivers expressed that they’d like to be able to set up a work schedule to combat laziness and procrastination.

4. There are no light/dark screen modes.

Depending upon the time of the day the app’s homepage is very difficult to see. This can become dangerous when trying to view the app while driving. I decided to add a light and dark button to combat this.

In an ideal world. The Uber driver app would also include:

The ability for drivers to see a customer’s picture.

An emergency button.

A button to locate the nearest gas station.